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Born  and raised in Mexico. I am the oldest of 5 siblings. At age of 21 I graduated from

 University  and received a degree in Visual Arts. After graduating I moved to United States of America were I started my company as professional photographer. Throughout the years  I have been perfecting my technique, developing my skills to capture every detail in my images.

 I have had the chance to capture the best moments in a  human's life. From  maternity, baptisms, First Holly Communion, Quinceaneras, and weddings.


In 2013, out of 1400 photographers, I won first and second place for Lito Process with 2 different photographies. One of my biggest accomplishments was to be part of the group of photographers for Miss Universe 2015. Also my work has been published in differentmagazines like: Cre’ateur, PNW, and Latin beauty magazine.


During my career I have had the chance to assist to different workshops with Jesus Padilla, one of the biggest photographers in Mexico and who inspire me to improve and take the best pictures.


Right now I am the official photographer For Miss and Teen WA and Oregon Latina. I am collaborating with Miss Super Model Worldwide USA and Miss All Nations USA as well, and a long side my husband Antonio Mendoza Directors of Miss Washington Latina & Teen Universe.


My goals for the future are to focus on editorial photography and also I want to create an agency for photographers that dont have the tools to work in the photography field. I want to create a community were photographers can share their knowledge and help each other to grow and become the best photographer they could be. I think that in this field there is a chance for everyone that wants to dedicate their time and efforts, so my goal will be to show every photographer that together we can be better and achieve more.

Jose Manuel Cervantes

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